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List of Oc x Canon Pairings

:new: Please Tell us the Pairing :aww:
*The Co-Founders Pairings are bolded*
Do not comment with just the characters name ~
PLEASE only 2-3 Pairings!

-Konoha Character Pairings-
Team 7
:bulletorange: Naruto x Kasumi ~ Lee-Kate
:bulletorange: Naruto x Hikaru ~ SimoneUchiha
:bulletorange: Naruto x Lina ~ LinaXxXHayabusa
:bulletorange: Naruto x Rinsu: ~ ToAtoneArt
:bulletorange: Naruto x Miho ~ SakuraTenshi101
:bulletorange: Naruto x Reika ~ LiriHeart
:bulletorange: Naruto x Saphirre ~ Coringo-Shade
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Terumi Mizu ~ Nears-girl
:bulletblue: Sasuke X Nami ~ xXangelbiteXx
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Akina ~ McBecka-Pants
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Naruta ~ naruta-sasukes-girl
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Seika ~ SoulOfPersephone
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Fuyumi ~ higurashifan4
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Leon ~ xXxJadeXSangoxXx
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Mizu ~ Nears-girl
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Tarou ~ suigrell
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Sansara ~ SansaraSenju
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Mayu ~ ChocolateSprinkleTFK
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Natsumi ~ FireflyNat
:bulletpink: Sakura x Haruki ~ suigrell
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Myu ~ jacsin
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Shina ~ WatermelonxGirl
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Kitsune ~ EpicKakashi
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Kazka ~ Sparkling-Gravity
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Mimizawari ~ manseyful
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Mariko ~ Miss-Sheepy
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Emiko ~ Aposiopesis
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Heza ~ LuckyDragonfly
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Chiaku ~ Mauvillain
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Ren ~ TheLadyWellflower
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Miku ~ Coringo-Shade
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Hana ~ InvaderHaileigh
:bulletblack: Sai x Junko ~ jacsin
:bulletblack: Sai x Otohime ~ naruta-sasukes-girl
:bulletblack: Sai x Nemuri ~ MisalovesAnime
Team Asuma
:bulletgreen: Shikamaru x Yuuna ~ JTDP-Archives
:bulletgreen: Shikamaru x Coryana~ InuYashasDaughterIno
:bulletgreen: Shikamaru x Atsuka ~ SonyAndSam
:bulletred: Choji x Ikkatsu ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletred: Choji x Reina ~ Forgotten--Promise
:bulletpurple: Ino x Daisuke ~ BluSilvrPaladin
Team Kurenai
:bulletred: Kiba x Kira ~ KirCorn
:bulletred: Kiba x Keiko ~ KristenLovingLeto
:bulletred: Kiba x Andrea xXxJadeXSangoxXx
:bulletred: Kiba x Kura ~ DeliriousKay
:bulletred: Kiba x Raj ~ Sparkling-Gravity
:bulletred: Kiba x Tekon ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletblack: Shino X Sariahna ~ castielsexy1234
:bulletpurple: Hinata x Tarou ~ suigrell
:bulletwhite: Tobirama x Tatsuki ~ Shirayuki-no-Mai
:bulletpink: Tsunade x Niko ~ VegetaNiko
Team Gai
:bulletgreen: Gai x Curse GealachCaora
:bulletwhite: Neji x Jenji ~ JenniKittyMuffin
:bulletwhite: Neji x Kirune ~ :deRoselinaxYusei:
:bulletwhite: Neji x Eishou ~ GarJes
Other Villagers
:bulletorange: Kotetsu x Tama ~ ShianaAndTheSkeleton
:bulletorange: Kotetsu x Misaki Hyata ~ Lightening-Ninja
:bulletpurple: Ookami x Anko ~ Love-Inspired
:bulletwhite: Genma x O-Ren ~ jacsin
:bulletyellow: Yamato x Chihiro ~ Anthenora
:bulletred: Jiraiya x Steffie ~ Traubenzucker
:bulletblue: Izumo x Siyumi ~ XSinOfDreams
:bulletgreen: Mizuki x Chui ~Warriorsrpgmembah

-Sand Character Pairings-
:bulletred: Gaara x Mochiko ~ McBecka-Pants
:bulletred: Gaara x Toboe ~ Katana-inus-Girl
:bulletred: Gaara x Aiko ~ KyuukaSarutobiDarkeh
:bulletred: Gaara x Kataiko ~ obsessedsokkafangirl
:bulletred: Gaara x Yorudan ~ Leacleon
:bulletred: Gaara x Zin Dragen ~ MyFragility
:bulletred: Gaara x Hime ~ Sparkling-Gravity
:bulletred: Gaara x Shinju ~ ToAtoneArt
:bulletred: Gaara x Kiku ~ Forgotten--Promise
:bulletred: Gaara x Tamron ~ senrii-darkblade
:bulletred: Gaara x Nariko ~ SonyAndSam
:bulletred: Gaara x Takara ~ AnimeWriter45
:bulletred: Gaara x Lavender ~ ValentineIllusion
:bulletred: Gaara x Mitsuko ~ Keriga
:bulletpurple: Kankuro x Yaketa ~ Yaketa-Rozu
:bulletpurple Kankuro x Mizuki ~ JennyKinder
:bulletblack: Yūra x Yae ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletpink: Matsuri x Koshiro ~ Keriga

-Sound Character Pairings-
:bulletwhite: Kimimaro x Hibiki ~ Ethelbutt
:bulletwhite: Kimimaro x Hona ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletblack: Orochimaru x Chizure ~ Miss-Sheepy
:bulletblack: Orochimaru x Tielilyan ~ senrii-darkblade
:bulletblack: Orochimaru x Hana ~ Tsunade183
:bulletblack: Orochimaru x Shikari ~ orochiXdemonXshiku
:bulletpurple: Kabuto x Himawari ~ DarketVampire
:bulletyellow: Zaku x Takai ~ xNinjaChick

-Akatsuki Character Pairings-
:bulletblack: Madara x Hokkyoku Kitsune ~ Weaslegirl96
:bulletblack: Madara x Yuki ~ Shirayuki-no-Mai
:bulletblack: Madara x Lily ~ Sushi-Troll
:bulletred: Itachi x Aster ~ AsterUchiha
:bulletred: Itachi x Indri ~ PalmettoMoonCEH
:bulletred: Itachi x Mina ~ admiration-nation
:bulletred: Itachi x Suri: ~ psychovampire11
:bulletred: Itachi x Aisumi ~ Koujuu
:bulletblue: Kisame x Kira ~ Monochromacy
:bulletblue: Kisame x Pazuru ~ tamufisi
:bulletblue: Kisame X Veronica ~ mikami-pegasus
:bulletblue: Kisame x Kasumi ~ Kasumi-Akatsuki
:bulletblue: Kisame x Hitomi ~ Cyxaz
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Hikari ~ Kirathis-Chan
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Kasumi ~ Love-Inspired
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Sayuri ~ masquerade5020
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Ren ~ Katana-inus-Girl
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Yakami ~ Meerkat-wid-peporoni
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Moriko ~ WatermelonxGirl
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Lajla ~ DeidaraFenAkatsuki
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Michi ~ therukixxx
:bulletorange: Sasori x Kaori ~ ForeverSoonImmortal
:bulletorange: Sasori x Adxumi ~ AdxumiSuzaki
:bulletorange: Sasori x Hisaiya ~ XSinOfDreams
:bulletorange: Sasori x Emi ~ SakuraTenshi101
:bulletorange: Sasori x Mushi ~ mushi-mush993
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Niniki ~ KawaiiMuffen
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Anika ~ WatermelonxGirl
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Kioko ~ devadmiration-nation:
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Shikako ~ ToAtoneArt
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Sarukia ~ carcinoSinner
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Amaya ~ yankumie
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Chikaku ~ oOCookieChikaOo
:bulletwhite: Kakuzu x Sayuri ~ Raphalangela
:bulletwhite: Kakuzu x Hitsu ~ Sparkling-Gravity
:bulletgreen: Zetsu x Itami ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletorange: Pein x Lynn ~ yankumie
:bulletorange: Pein x Mei ~ LoveAkatsuki45

-Team Hawk Character Pairings-
:bulletblue: Suigetsu x Suki ~ Bittercore
:bulletorange: Juugo x Ai ~ forbiddenknightangel

-Other Village Character Pairings-
:bulletblue: Utakata x Komuri ~ Krimchii
:bulletblack: Haku x Buzazu ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletpink: Mei x Kamina ~ Miss-Sheepy
:bulletwhite: Choujuro x Hana ~ Chi-Hana


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:bulletorange: You must have at least 1 Oc to join :meow:
:bulletgreen: If you have a pairing please Comment on the group page with the Name of the pairing (examples:- Kotetsu x Tama , Shikamaru x Yuuna , Kisame x Kira)
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:bulletgreen: Apart from that have fun , submit art , and show off your oc's and pairings ;)






Crys here. Unfortunately, I don't think the contest will happen... there's been no entries so far, and very few donators. It may be because this group (although we have over 1000 members), has been relatively quiet, but either way, the contest won't happen until we have a bigger 'spark'.

That being said, once my finals are done and over with, I'll start to clean up some of our folder, remove inactive pairings from our list, and revise the group a bit. Who knows, maybe even a super group is coming our way ;)

I want this to be a group who really enjoys the Naruto and OC fandom at the same time--that being said, we're not advertisers, so I don't want to see people asking to put their OC pairing names up and leave the group a short whiles after.

I'm going to try removing old admins (the ones that are inactive and have a line across their names), and invite maybe a couple more to help maintain this site.

Please write (and no more than 3) your pairing name.
My FanFiction will hopefully be up soon! Ladies and Gentlemen, please wait patiently until my KakashixOC story: Shadows of the Autumn Leaves becomes fully revised.

Happy writing!
Crys :heart:
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I am currently working on manga with oc as a new akatsuki member
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Kakashi x Estrella Himara (me and my Oc ^^ )  <3
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Sasori X Yuri (AKA  Yui)
You said not to just  comment  with names so I just  put some of my drawings I hope that's okay:)
Sasoyuri Chibi by Kimura-Chi
Fall by Kimura-Chi
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Kakuzu x Kishi *=* (canon x OC)
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SasukeXYasmin (My OC)
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Gaara x Sora its okey yaoi pairing
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Rock Lee x Konsu (My OC)
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Pein x Hikari ( my Oc)
ZetsuX Lamia ( my 2nd OC)
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I have some rather distressing news to bring to your group today. A member named PolishaMyshka has been identified for tracing and character theft. She has submitted many stolen/traced pieces of art to your gallery and I wanted to inform you on the issues we are facing with her.

Below are two journals detailing the information and art currently stolen. Most of the current pieces in this gallery have been identified as heavily traced without credit while deviants are currently trying to track down the originals. 

Character Theft and Tracing (PolishMyshka/Nezumi)Edit 12// *hums*  seems tonight is the night of updates!
Please go report this~ ORIGINAL
Found the full body poses 
Both original images come from the same website.
Okay so here's a quick little TO KNOW and REMEMBER. You CREDIT artists you reference from, not just to say 'hey, this isn't all mine and I'm learning so I needed some help and that's okay' but more importantly to say 'hey look at these wonderful artists who have done some seriously hard work to help people like me.' You link back to them so OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE THEM. It's fair exposure, you use their art which is a service, the least you can do is FUCKING CREDIT THEM FOR THE WORK!!
So we've pretty much found where Myshka has been getting her poses and anatomy, check these out:
  (fourth on the

Thank you for your time and I am sorry to have to bring your group such news today,

ChinichiTiu Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Madara x Chinichi <3 ~ (mah oc :3)
MizukiSasaki18 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015  Hobbyist
Sasuke Uchiha X Mizuki Sasaki (my oc)
MaddiKitten Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lemme try this again. I would appreciate it if you'd please add my pairing of Karuna x Gaara to your list of pairing. Here is her biography and it includes a link to "Gaara and Karuna relationship building meme" If you insist on a direct link, here ya go. 

Karuna and Gaara Relationship Building Meme|The Couple|
Characters- Ametsuchi Karuna and Sabaku no Gaara
How long have you had them? 
I recently created Karuna this month, Dec 2014. Her name started out as Shizuka Ametsuchi which I later gave to her mother as her mother's name as I changed my OCs name to Karuna because it's a hindi term and practice that means "the desire to remove harm and pain" or literally meaning "mercy" and this relates heavily to Karuna's over all personality.
Why did you put them together? 
Hm, I was originally going to pair her with Deidara and then Sasori, but I started growing closer to Gaara as I built further onto Karuna's character, personality, and backstory and it lead to an idea to see how well I could work a relation with Karuna and Gaara.
Brief Description of Character #1:
-  Karuna does her best to encourage

Here's Karuna's over all information.  Karuna Ametsuchi Official BiographyArtist Note: Unless stated otherwise, all information is currently in the time span of The Last.

 Karuna Ametsuchi
Name Meaning(s):
(Hindi term and an eastern form of peaceful practice; meaning; the desire to remove harm or pain; literal meaning; mercy
Japanese Translation: Jihi)
Age: Part I - 15-16; Part II 18-20; The Last: 29
Artist Note:  Karuna's birthday is in December so she will a few months younger than Temari as well as still older than Kankuro and Gaara. This is also why she's usually a year younger than what most of the Naruto cast would be in each part change of the plot.
Gender:  Female
Zodiac: Capricorn
Birthdate: December 29th
Blood Type: A
Part I: 157.2 cm-159.4 cm
Part II: 165.3 cm
The Last: 170.2cm
Part I: 44.5 kg-45 kg
Part II: 48.3

Thanks so much.
i have one oc a it's a paring of my oc AmandaXItachi
Letrush Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tiba Reme x Sabaku no Kankuro
My first OC
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