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List of Oc x Canon Pairings

:new: Please Tell us the Pairing :aww:
*The Co-Founders Pairings are bolded*
Do not comment with just the characters name ~
PLEASE only 2-3 Pairings!

-Konoha Character Pairings-
Team 7
:bulletorange: Naruto x Kasumi ~ Lee-Kate
:bulletorange: Naruto x Hikaru ~ SimoneUchiha
:bulletorange: Naruto x Lina ~ LinaXxXHayabusa
:bulletorange: Naruto x Rinsu: ~ ToAtoneArt
:bulletorange: Naruto x Miho ~ SakuraTenshi101
:bulletorange: Naruto x Reika ~ LiriHeart
:bulletorange: Naruto x Saphirre ~ Coringo-Shade
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Terumi Mizu ~ Nears-girl
:bulletblue: Sasuke X Nami ~ xXangelbiteXx
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Akina ~ McBecka-Pants
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Naruta ~ naruta-sasukes-girl
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Seika ~ SoulOfPersephone
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Fuyumi ~ higurashifan4
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Leon ~ xXxJadeXSangoxXx
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Mizu ~ Nears-girl
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Tarou ~ suigrell
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Sansara ~ SansaraSenju
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Mayu ~ ChocolateSprinkleTFK
:bulletblue: Sasuke x Natsumi ~ FireflyNat
:bulletpink: Sakura x Haruki ~ suigrell
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Myu ~ jacsin
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Shina ~ WatermelonxGirl
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Kitsune ~ EpicKakashi
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Kazka ~ Sparkling-Gravity
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Mimizawari ~ manseyful
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Mariko ~ Miss-Sheepy
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Emiko ~ Aposiopesis
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Heza ~ LuckyDragonfly
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Chiaku ~ Mauvillain
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Ren ~ TheLadyWellflower
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Miku ~ Coringo-Shade
:bulletwhite: Kakashi x Hana ~ InvaderHaileigh
:bulletblack: Sai x Junko ~ jacsin
:bulletblack: Sai x Otohime ~ naruta-sasukes-girl
:bulletblack: Sai x Nemuri ~ MisalovesAnime
Team Asuma
:bulletgreen: Shikamaru x Yuuna ~ JTDP-Archives
:bulletgreen: Shikamaru x Coryana~ InuYashasDaughterIno
:bulletgreen: Shikamaru x Atsuka ~ SonyAndSam
:bulletred: Choji x Ikkatsu ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletred: Choji x Reina ~ Forgotten--Promise
:bulletpurple: Ino x Daisuke ~ BluSilvrPaladin
Team Kurenai
:bulletred: Kiba x Kira ~ KirCorn
:bulletred: Kiba x Keiko ~ KristenLovingLeto
:bulletred: Kiba x Andrea xXxJadeXSangoxXx
:bulletred: Kiba x Kura ~ DeliriousKay
:bulletred: Kiba x Raj ~ Sparkling-Gravity
:bulletred: Kiba x Tekon ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletblack: Shino X Sariahna ~ castielsexy1234
:bulletpurple: Hinata x Tarou ~ suigrell
:bulletwhite: Tobirama x Tatsuki ~ Shirayuki-no-Mai
:bulletpink: Tsunade x Niko ~ VegetaNiko
Team Gai
:bulletgreen: Gai x Curse GealachCaora
:bulletwhite: Neji x Jenji ~ JenniKittyMuffin
:bulletwhite: Neji x Kirune ~ :deRoselinaxYusei:
:bulletwhite: Neji x Eishou ~ GarJes
Other Villagers
:bulletorange: Kotetsu x Tama ~ ShianaAndTheSkeleton
:bulletorange: Kotetsu x Misaki Hyata ~ Lightening-Ninja
:bulletpurple: Ookami x Anko ~ Love-Inspired
:bulletwhite: Genma x O-Ren ~ jacsin
:bulletyellow: Yamato x Chihiro ~ Anthenora
:bulletred: Jiraiya x Steffie ~ Traubenzucker
:bulletblue: Izumo x Siyumi ~ XSinOfDreams
:bulletgreen: Mizuki x Chui ~Warriorsrpgmembah

-Sand Character Pairings-
:bulletred: Gaara x Mochiko ~ McBecka-Pants
:bulletred: Gaara x Toboe ~ Katana-inus-Girl
:bulletred: Gaara x Aiko ~ KyuukaSarutobiDarkeh
:bulletred: Gaara x Kataiko ~ obsessedsokkafangirl
:bulletred: Gaara x Yorudan ~ Leacleon
:bulletred: Gaara x Zin Dragen ~ MyFragility
:bulletred: Gaara x Hime ~ Sparkling-Gravity
:bulletred: Gaara x Shinju ~ ToAtoneArt
:bulletred: Gaara x Kiku ~ Forgotten--Promise
:bulletred: Gaara x Tamron ~ senrii-darkblade
:bulletred: Gaara x Nariko ~ SonyAndSam
:bulletred: Gaara x Takara ~ AnimeWriter45
:bulletred: Gaara x Lavender ~ ValentineIllusion
:bulletred: Gaara x Mitsuko ~ Keriga
:bulletpurple: Kankuro x Yaketa ~ Yaketa-Rozu
:bulletpurple Kankuro x Mizuki ~ JennyKinder
:bulletblack: Yūra x Yae ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletpink: Matsuri x Koshiro ~ Keriga

-Sound Character Pairings-
:bulletwhite: Kimimaro x Hibiki ~ Ethelbutt
:bulletwhite: Kimimaro x Hona ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletblack: Orochimaru x Chizure ~ Miss-Sheepy
:bulletblack: Orochimaru x Tielilyan ~ senrii-darkblade
:bulletblack: Orochimaru x Hana ~ Tsunade183
:bulletblack: Orochimaru x Shikari ~ orochiXdemonXshiku
:bulletpurple: Kabuto x Himawari ~ DarketVampire
:bulletyellow: Zaku x Takai ~ xNinjaChick

-Akatsuki Character Pairings-
:bulletblack: Madara x Hokkyoku Kitsune ~ Weaslegirl96
:bulletblack: Madara x Yuki ~ Shirayuki-no-Mai
:bulletblack: Madara x Lily ~ Sushi-Troll
:bulletred: Itachi x Aster ~ AsterUchiha
:bulletred: Itachi x Indri ~ PalmettoMoonCEH
:bulletred: Itachi x Mina ~ admiration-nation
:bulletred: Itachi x Suri: ~ psychovampire11
:bulletred: Itachi x Aisumi ~ Koujuu
:bulletblue: Kisame x Kira ~ Monochromacy
:bulletblue: Kisame x Pazuru ~ tamufisi
:bulletblue: Kisame X Veronica ~ mikami-pegasus
:bulletblue: Kisame x Kasumi ~ Kasumi-Akatsuki
:bulletblue: Kisame x Hitomi ~ Cyxaz
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Hikari ~ Kirathis-Chan
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Kasumi ~ Love-Inspired
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Sayuri ~ masquerade5020
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Ren ~ Katana-inus-Girl
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Yakami ~ Meerkat-wid-peporoni
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Moriko ~ WatermelonxGirl
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Lajla ~ DeidaraFenAkatsuki
:bulletyellow: Deidara x Michi ~ therukixxx
:bulletorange: Sasori x Kaori ~ ForeverSoonImmortal
:bulletorange: Sasori x Adxumi ~ AdxumiSuzaki
:bulletorange: Sasori x Hisaiya ~ XSinOfDreams
:bulletorange: Sasori x Emi ~ SakuraTenshi101
:bulletorange: Sasori x Mushi ~ mushi-mush993
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Niniki ~ KawaiiMuffen
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Anika ~ WatermelonxGirl
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Kioko ~ devadmiration-nation:
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Shikako ~ ToAtoneArt
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Sarukia ~ carcinoSinner
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Amaya ~ yankumie
:bulletpurple: Hidan x Chikaku ~ oOCookieChikaOo
:bulletwhite: Kakuzu x Sayuri ~ Raphalangela
:bulletwhite: Kakuzu x Hitsu ~ Sparkling-Gravity
:bulletgreen: Zetsu x Itami ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletorange: Pein x Lynn ~ yankumie
:bulletorange: Pein x Mei ~ LoveAkatsuki45

-Team Hawk Character Pairings-
:bulletblue: Suigetsu x Suki ~ Bittercore
:bulletorange: Juugo x Ai ~ forbiddenknightangel

-Other Village Character Pairings-
:bulletblue: Utakata x Komuri ~ Krimchii
:bulletblack: Haku x Buzazu ~ Warriorsrpgmembah
:bulletpink: Mei x Kamina ~ Miss-Sheepy
:bulletwhite: Choujuro x Hana ~ Chi-Hana


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:bulletorange: You must have at least 1 Oc to join :meow:
:bulletgreen: If you have a pairing please Comment on the group page with the Name of the pairing (examples:- Kotetsu x Tama , Shikamaru x Yuuna , Kisame x Kira)
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Crys here. Unfortunately, I don't think the contest will happen... there's been no entries so far, and very few donators. It may be because this group (although we have over 1000 members), has been relatively quiet, but either way, the contest won't happen until we have a bigger 'spark'.

That being said, once my finals are done and over with, I'll start to clean up some of our folder, remove inactive pairings from our list, and revise the group a bit. Who knows, maybe even a super group is coming our way ;)

I want this to be a group who really enjoys the Naruto and OC fandom at the same time--that being said, we're not advertisers, so I don't want to see people asking to put their OC pairing names up and leave the group a short whiles after.

I'm going to try removing old admins (the ones that are inactive and have a line across their names), and invite maybe a couple more to help maintain this site.

Please write (and no more than 3) your pairing name.
My FanFiction will hopefully be up soon! Ladies and Gentlemen, please wait patiently until my KakashixOC story: Shadows of the Autumn Leaves becomes fully revised.

Happy writing!
Crys :heart:
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Letrush Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
Tiba Reme x Sabaku no Kankuro
My first OC
MaddiKitten Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would appreciate being able to join since I finally have a solid bio on Shizuka now :3
MaddiKitten Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you guys mind affiliating with my Oc's group please? ShizukaAmetsuchi-FC 
MaddiKitten Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a pairing of Sasori x Shizuka that will only be for art purposes. I really don't have intentions of trying to fit it into her bio quite yet if at all but fir art sake I'd like it up there please x3
kumikouzumaki13 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Student General Artist
May i join
crescent9988 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Student General Artist
My first pairing is Sasuke x Mizuki (My OC)
Kurohana-No-Hime Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
I've two
Shee x Humiko and Gaara x Hime
DuFellGata Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Student General Artist
Shikamaru x Keitaro
Also, My old account is Yaketa-Rozu , so you can take down Kankuro x Yaketa, I don't use Yaketa much anymore~
Liluscious Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
my main pairing and momentarily the only one is Sasuke x Sayuri
I have four of my oc's parings and the first one is Itachi and Amanda the second one is of Sasuke and Yasmin the third one is of Kiba and Christy and the last one is of Konan and Lil Julio to be on the list and the four oc's are mine.
SakuraTenshi101 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Here's another pairing. It goes with Sasori X Emi, as it's for the same fanfic ovo The OC belongs to Ninoandjaffar if you would prefer to list it under her name instead~

Deidara X Aina
VioletsInEden Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
here is my pairing :)

Yamato X Mayumi
akatsukifila112 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
my pairing is Hidan x Kikiro 
StarDustFairytale Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
my pair
Sasuke x Miya
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

      Sand Village:
      Gaara x Kurei
      Kankuro x Fukucha 
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UzumakiNaomiOC Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is my pair Madara x Naomi ^^
xSweetPain Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can You put my pairing Pain x Nosuri, Please?
Ninja-Burito Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
May I join?
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Pampam-chan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Sasori x Bell Terumi ( my OC )
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